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Without customers you don’t have a business.  Therefore getting, keeping and growing them are among the most critical activities you will do.  Tender responses are a painful but an increasingly important part of the business development process.  We will provide the diligence, rigour and attention to detail required for you to be successful.

Business Coaching & People Development

We build your organisational capability through one-to-one executive coaching and tailored learning and development programmes.  These will give you and your staff the confidence to tackle your toughest challenges head on.

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Tackling Your Toughest Challenges Head On
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Business Strategy

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Business Strategy

The essence of good strategy is the identification of the primary challenges facing an organisation and the presentation of a coherent approach and framework on how to progress.  We help Blue Chips, SMEs and Start Ups develop practical strategies in order to address their particular concerns and challenges.

Content Design

The end of the top-down communications model has changed how organisations interact with their customers.  You’re no longer in control of the message; your customers are. We’ll design a content strategy for you that concentrates on what’s relevant now as well as what’s going to inform and educate your customers.  We’ll create relevant, engaging, commercial, client-focused content across multiple platforms, helping you extend your brand reach and message.

Content Design & Marketing

Content Design

Content That Moves and Informs
Becoming a More Effective Bid Writer

10 Bid Writing Tips

Becoming a More Effective Bid Writer Tender responses are a painful but important part of the sales process. Due to the effort and discipline involved many companies either don’t bother or don’t invest enough resource in the process. The following piece highlights a number of areas to pay attention...

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What Do Bid Managers Do?

The Job of the Bid Manager

What do Bid Managers do? Each bid should be viewed as an individual project with one person fulfilling a bid management role.  If your organisation spends a large amount of time tendering for business each year you should consider appointing a full time bid manager.  If you only respond...

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How to Tackle the Value Add Services question in Bids

Value Add Services

How to Tackle the Value Add Services question in Bids Questions on value add services frequently appear in RFPs. Similar to executive summaries respondents tend to give them less thought then they deserve and serve up mediocre answers. This is a mistake and not just because there are marks...

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Lessons for Change Managers

Managing Change with Dignity

Lessons for Change Managers In a column published in The New York Times on June 25th, 2008 and entitled “Taking Ownership of Iraq” Tom Friedman wrote the following: “When someone else has to liberate you in your own home, that is humiliating — and humiliation, I believe, is the...

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