Here's What To Do After Winning

After Winning a Tender

Here’s What To Do After Winning

When responding to a RFP, if you have a good understanding of client concerns, an innovative approach to service design and good internal writing capability you should score well across all categories.

What is a buyer looking for when you are responding to a question with regard to your organisation’s approach to the termination of service?  He or she will want to see your exit plan, as well as your methodology for managing the transition to another supplier, while ensuring that standards are maintained.

What they really want comfort around though is whether or not there will be continuity of service, that their customers are not inconvenienced and that you will take this phase as seriously as any other.

Being explicit about the care you take in executing this phase helps, but they will ultimately trust you based on what you actually do, not what you say.  If you’ve exited contracts and thrown your toys out of the pram the market will find out sooner or later.  Likewise if you’ve a reputation for promising brilliant process design, but delivering the opposite, word will get around.

It’s hard to exit a contract with a smile, but if you are in the habit of doing what you say you’ll do the market will know that you are professional and keep your word.  So next time you have a great idea that you think will knock the socks of the people reading your response, make sure that you can actually deliver on it, and then go and do it!


Hopefully this bid writing tip will help you improve your bid writing approach the next time you have to tender for a government contract.

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