Bid Management & Tender Writing Services

A Successful Approach to Bid Management and Tender Writing

Without customers you don’t have a business.  Hence, getting, keeping, and growing them are among the most critical activities you will do.

Tender responses are a painful but an increasingly important part of the business development process.  The push for a more transparent approach to procurement across all sectors has led to the need for a more deliberate approach to Bid Management.  This means designing innovative and cost-effective solutions and presenting them as clearly as possible. Due to the effort and discipline involved many companies either don’t bother or don’t invest enough resource in the process.

We’ve worked on bids from design to delivery for companies in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Australia and will provide the diligence, rigour and attention to detail required for you to be successful in the tendering process.

We offer services in the following areas:

Bid Management

We’ll manage your tender response from start to finish, helping you with the following:

  • Qualify the opportunity
  • Analyse the Request for Proposal
  • Design the response strategy
  • Co-ordinate the response
  • Compile the final document.
Bid Management & Tender Writing
Developing Business Plan

Business Development Strategy

Once a new RFP hits your desk, it may already be too late for you to make an impression. Why? You may understand all the relevant requirements contained within the RFP. You may also do an excellent job in responding to those very requirements. The problem is, so will all of your competitors. The buyer will be left to choose between a number of bids that are similar and, in his or her eyes, vanilla.

Nobody in this life wants to be vanilla.

What’s going to make a difference to the buyer is a bid that demonstrates that you understand his or her real needs and concerns.  One of the most important things in business is to develop a visceral understanding of your customers’ needs, concerns and perspectives.  With this in mind it’s obvious that it’s important to get closer and closer to your prospective buyers.  Understanding their real concerns will help you design meaningful products and services that differentiate you from your competitors.

We’ll analyse potential opportunities within your sector, and advise you on how to profile and develop appropriate and ethical relationships with the organisations and buyers concerned.  We’ll also analyse your current contracts and show you how to keep and grow them.

Tender Reviews

The review stage at the end of any process or engagement is a key source of valuable learning for every organisation.

Avoiding it leads to the repetition of familiar errors, and yet another failed bid.

Embracing it leads to the surfacing of problem areas and issues that are holding your bids back.

These issues can then be addressed in the next cycle leading to a significant improvement in quality.  It also leads to the development of a culture that takes responsibility for the production of the best bid possible.

Our reviews typically focus on the following areas:

  • Previous Submissions: We can review your previous submissions and highlight areas that require improving
  • Content Improvement: We can examine your current content and materials and work with you to improve them
  • Work In Progress: We can also review work in progress on a current bid and provide feedback on any areas that require improvement.

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