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Content That Moves and Informs

Good Content Moves and Informs

The advent of smart phones and the proliferation of social media tools has seen a shift in how and when we consume our content.

Good content moves and informs.

It grips you and draws you back for more. Our focus is not on the past or the future, but right now. Tweets disappear, and five day old blog posts cease to be relevant.

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A New and More Transparent Communications Model

The top-down industrial model practiced by business and politicians for generations is dead.  Globalisation and social media have made it far easier for ordinary citizens to know what’s happening underneath the hood of both organisations and governments.  This transparency gives the customer a degree of influence and power unrivalled since the beginning of the industrial revolution.

This new communications model has changed how organisations interact with their customers. David Kilcullen nails the issue when he says that “under globalised conditions the media space is a domain, an ecosystem, or even a battle space, filled with dozens of independent, uncoordinated, competing, and conflicting entities rather than a single actor or audience…almost all of them outside the control of governments and media corporations.”

The Customer is in Control

You’re no longer in control of the message; your customers are

You’re no longer in control of the message; your customers are. Most of the communication is now peer-to-peer, horizontal and almost entirely between consumers. Where do you fit in? Whether you’re a niche bicycle retailer or a large corporate we can help you navigate this new horizontal and peer-to-peer consumer network.

We’ll design a content strategy for you that concentrates on what’s relevant now as well as what’s going to inform and educate your customers. We’ll create relevant, engaging, commercial, client-focused content across multiple platforms, helping you extend your brand reach and message.

The content created will position you as an expert in your field.

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