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Here's What To Do After Winning

After Winning a Tender

Here’s What To Do After Winning When responding to a RFP, if you have a good understanding of client concerns, an innovative approach to service design and good internal writing capability you should score well across all categories. What is a buyer looking for when you are responding to a question with regard to your

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How to Write a Great Executive Summary

Executive Summaries for Tenders

How to Write a Good Executive Summary Mars, The Bringer of War is the first movement of Gustav Holst’s The Planets. Composed in 1914, it’s a majestic, sweeping and doom-laden piece that builds and then comes at you in waves. Play it loud enough, and it can feel as if you are being attacked by

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How to win contracts

Bid – No Bid Assessments

Go / No Go Decisions on Bidding for Government Contracts Making a decision about whether or not to enter a tendering process is not as clear cut as merely throwing all the variables into a tailored balanced scorecard or decision tree, hitting a button and seeing what comes out when the wheel stops spinning. It’s

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