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What Do Bid Managers Do?

The Job of the Bid Manager

What do Bid Managers do? Each bid should be viewed as an individual project with one person fulfilling a bid management role.  If your organisation spends a large amount of time tendering for business each year you should consider appointing a full time bid manager.  If you only respond to a small number it’s best

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How to win contracts

Bid – No Bid Assessments

Go / No Go Decisions on Bidding for Government Contracts Making a decision about whether or not to enter a tendering process is not as clear cut as merely throwing all the variables into a tailored balanced scorecard or decision tree, hitting a button and seeing what comes out when the wheel stops spinning. It’s

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A Winning Contract Renewal Strategy

Government Contract Renewal

A Winning Contract Renewal Strategy In Ireland less than a third of incumbents have their public sector contracts renewed once the service they provide goes out for tender. Why? It can only be because they adopt a complacent and conservative mind-set of “what we have we’ll hold and let’s see if we can get away

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